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7 Best NFT Games in 2021 and What We Can Expect for 2022

7 Best NFT Games in 2021 and What We Can Expect for 2022

Since the natural event of the pandemic, people tend to spend much time staying at home. Some people lost their jobs, businesses started closing their physical stores and shifted to online mercantilism, amusement parks, and social gatherings were prohibited, etc. folks had no alternative, however, to travel digitally. The increase of Non-fungible tokens (NFT) comes, significantly NFT Games and cryptocurrencies have also remarkably caught the eye of the lots during this period. While online surfing, we are always reading about Grimes getting millions of dollars for NFTs or Nyan Cat being sold as one while online surfing. You might be wondering: what's going on with them? Here, we'll help figure out what NFTs are, as well as the best NFT Games to explore in 2022, and how NFT Games let people play and earn.

What Is an NFT? How Does the NFT Work?

Shortly saying, NFT is a Non-fungible token. That doesn't build it any clearer. "Non-fungible" additional or less implies that it's distinctive and can't get replaced with one thing else. For example, a bitcoin is fungible — trade one for one more bitcoin, and you'll have precisely the same factor. A one-of-a-kind card, however, is non-fungible. If you listed it for a particular card, you'd have one thing utterly completely different.

How does an NFT work?

NFTs exist on a blockchain that could be a distributed public ledger that records transactions. You're in all probability most conversant in blockchain because of the underlying method that produces cryptocurrencies attainable. Specifically, NFTs square measure usually hung on the Ethereum blockchain, though different blockchains support them additionally.

An NFT is formed or "minted" from digital objects that represent tangible and intangible things, as well as Art, GIFs, Videos and sports highlights, Collectibles, Virtual avatars, computer game skins, Designer sneakers, Music, and so on. NFTs square measures physical collector's things, solely digital. Therefore, rather than receiving an actual oil painting to put on the wall, the customer receives a digital file.

They conjointly get exclusive possession (ownership) rights. NFTs will have only one owner at a time. The unique data of NFTs makes it simple to verify possession (ownership) and transfer tokens between owners. They can also be used to store specific information by the owner or creator. Just like artists can sign their artwork with their signature in the metadata of an NFT.

Best NFT Games to Play and Earn

NFTs are non-interchangeable digital assets that are kept during a specific blockchain. They'll be within the kind of a photograph, video, artwork, document, or maybe games. Here we've listed the 7 best NFT Games that enticed people anywhere on the internet.

Axie Infinity

You cannot skip Axie eternity after you refer to the original fashionable NFT Games thus far. The Pokemon-inspired turn-based game series that utilizes blockchain technology has become, therefore stylish, significantly within the Philippines, wherever folks earn an honest quantity of financial gain simply by enjoying the sport. The Axie eternity trend exploded everywhere on social media platforms because it has accumulated $485 million since July 2021.

Axie Infinity.png

How will it work?

To start enjoying this game, you would like to speculate and buy three Axis; these are digital pets that you can use in either the journey or arena game modes. You may be competitive with different players, and for each win, you may receive SLP (Axie's native ERC-20 utility token) as a present. SLPs are often listed for real cash currency or be accustomed breed the new generation of Axies.


A collectible NFT game allows you to earn through winning card match-ups and by commerce or leasing your cards if you've competed in similar card games before, like Yu-Gi-Oh! Or stone, this one is ideal for you.


How will it work?

To start enjoying Splinterlands, you would like to speculate and get your 1st set of cards. If you're lucky enough, you'll gain rare cards on your 1st purchased pack of cards. Every card has its specific stats, mana costs, abilities, etc. These cards can even be sold in exchange for cryptocurrencies. By learning the game's mechanics, you'll participate in the journey mode to earn many cards or maybe PVP battles to challenge different Splinterlands players.

Gods Unchained

Just like Splinterlands, you'll additionally earn here by commerce your cards. Gods unshackled may be a free-to-play NFT game wherever you'll gain cards by commerce or winning on a PVP fight.

Gods Unchained.png

How will it work?

In this game, you would like to defeat different players by creating their life points drop to zero. Winning a PVP match-up can give you game experience; the higher your level gets, the more cards you may gain.

Sandbox 3D

The Sandbox may be a 3D open-world NFT game wherever you'll build your virtual land and NFT game assets that may be listed or sold to different players. The game's mechanics are somewhat almost like Minecraft or Roblox, wherever you're liberal to craft something that you will imagine.

How will it work?

To earn SAND (ERC-20 token), you'd prefer to build objects practice the platform's tools, and later sell them to the marketplace. These tokens may also be accustomed to purchasing many lands and assets within the Sandbox metaverse, which will permit a player to expand his territory and create a lot of NFT assets.

Samurai Doge

A battle-packed creative NFT game wherever you get your own unique Samurai magistrate. each magistrate is exclusive and has its weapons, armor, facial attributes, gender, emotion, and accessories.

Samurai Doge.png

How will it work?

Samurai magistrate is like several different journey games wherever you can purchase your Samurai magistrate unit to participate in the game's parcel of land. Simply by holding a Samurai magistrate, they are ready to earn Honor ($HON) tokens daily. You'll additionally challenge different players to earn a lot of $HON tokens which will allow you to breed a lot of Samurai Doges or purchase merchandise and in-game things.

Battle Racers

Battle Racers may be an NFT game impressed by Super Mario Kart. This game can allow you to produce your battle automotive and contend with different players.

Battle Racers.png

How will it work?

Players ought to mix completely different materials and weapons to craft their Battle Racer, which will contend with different players. Every half has its stats and skills that are required for battle. The competition won't be all concerning speed as you'll utilize your engineered weapons to require down your enemies whereas on the race. Earn rewards by tokenizing your automotive to an NFT that's well recorded on the blockchain and winning competitive tracks.


The classic snake game heavily influenced Cryptosnake. This blockchain-based game allows players to form a customized crypto-snake-supported NFT token running on Binance good Chain (BSC). Because the snake becomes a lot of pumped up, the upper Apr rate you may receive.


How will it work?

It would help if you grew your snake by feeding it with tokens scattered around the enjoying field. You'll additionally grow your snake by mistreatment of real cash currency and eventually earn extra money in the future. A growing snake ends up in multiplied profit for crypto staking.

What to Expect for Upcoming NFT Games in 2022

There's a new generation of NFT-based video games on the way. And, there's never been a much better time to speculate on them than currently. For the sake of safe investment, we tend to advocate prime three forthcoming NFT Games for 2022.

Thunder Lands

The Thunder Lands game doesn't need any initial investment and is extraordinarily simple to start taking part in. The free version of the sport permits you to completely immerse yourself within the wizarding world of Thunder Lands, learn its structure, and find the primary game expertise. This version isn't 'shortened' and permits you to explore the sport to its fullest.

Designed within the dark fantasy genre, the virtual game universe of Thunder Lands provides the player with a novel state of affairs and skill through a mixture of blockchain mechanics, ancient metagaming, and immersive graphics. The sport permits the player to dive headfirst into the created universe, charming with its realistic style and strange plotline.

The final part is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022. However, by the top of 2021, MetaWars plans to unleash restricted characters and supply a demo online.


MetaWars maybe a multiplayer sci-fi game set in the future. The action of this role-playing game takes place in the house, and players will immerse themselves in one of the foremost realistic house expeditions.

MetaWars conjointly permits players to bid and complete tasks to receive $WARS tokens (management and in-game token). They need complete freedom to mix devices, modules, weapons, and alternative things, and gamers will increase the scale of their armies with optimization tools. These mixtures increase the facility of their game character and permit them to get special prizes.

The final part is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022. However, by the top of 2021, MetaWars plans to unleash restricted characters and supply a demo online.

Idle Cyber

It is a role-playing game with a PvP mode within which the amount of levels is unlimited. Therefore, it provides players with the infinite potential to earn NFT assets and tokens, which might then be resold for real cash.

Idle Cyber is a unique blend of a post-apocalyptic and art movement world. The game's plot revolves around the catastrophe incident when humanity is forced to make walls to defend itself against cyborgs seeking to destroy all folks. The sport is predicated on the Play2Earn model, which permits players to earn real cash by taking part in the sport.

The launch of most of the game's options is scheduled for 2022. By the top of 2021, Idle Cyber plans to launch a marketplace, $AFK Ido and CEX.


We used to play video games competition only for fun. But great changes have taken place because of the play to earn NFT Games. From here on out, a lot of NFT Games can emerge. If you're interested in investing in NFT Games, please remind us to perpetually do a background check on the game's whitepaper, development team, and sponsors. It's better to plan to one thing which will punctually reward your efforts and diligence. Smart hit the jackpot there, and will you've got a beautiful NFT vice experience!

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