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Cloud Mining Ethereum 2021 - Will Ethereum Usher in a Golden Age?

Cloud Mining Ethereum 2021 - Will Ethereum Usher in a Golden Age?

​2021 has witnessed the glory and hot market of Bitcoin's repeated record highs, and Bitcoin has proved its prospects for encrypted digital currency with its own performance. As the two major "core assets" of cryptocurrency, can Ethereum usher in a golden age in this bull market? What is the prospect of cloud mining ethereum 2021?

What is the prospect of cloud mining ethereum 2021? Ethereum is like a humorous city with a great number of economic activities. It spans the world and accepts anyone to access it. However, Ethereum has always been affected by its own success: due to its high transaction costs, many investors and miners have been lost.


A good simulation is that the vertical expansion of Ethereum (ie L2s) can be imagined as to how a city can scale up by constructing high-rise buildings. What is the prospect of cloud mining ethereum 2021? In fact, Ethereum is now at the beginning of a modular blockchain paradigm.

There is one more thing that is not often mentioned, and that is how Ethereum expands its social layer, or in other words, how Ethereum expands as its community grows larger. I think cloud mining ethereum 2021 achieves this by embracing the spirit of decentralization, which means that it is not a top-down approach to building communities-there is no rule book, no guidelines, no set of laws (except for code), of course, there is no ruler in the Ethereum city; on the contrary, the operation of Ethereum is more like a "bazaar"-as Ben Edgington said, the bazaar of Ethereum is "noisy and seemingly chaotic, but very efficient and dynamic- -And, it is crucial that (for open source software development) it will produce better results."

As you can see, cloud mining Ethereum 2021 is in a very advantageous position and will expand in all important areas. In fact, for an encrypted network, social scalability is the most important, because without it, the encrypted network will actually be a centralized network controlled by only a small group of people, and this is what breaks things through blockchain technology!

So let us continue to expand the wonderful supercity of Ethereum and make sure to keep it decentralized.


The golden age of cloud mining Ethereum 2021

The cloud mining ethereum 2021 ecosystem is really like a "city that never sleeps." Things happen at any time of the day, and the Ethereum network can be used at any time. Obviously, this is very similar to the way the Internet has worked for a long time, but there has never been a value transfer system that is always open and decentralized-at least, this is the most exciting innovation that Ethereum has brought to the world.

What is the prospect of encrypted digital currency? In the past few months, one thing has become clearer for the entire Ethereum ecosystem, and that is how Ethereum will scale: Rollups (and zero-knowledge technology) are all current scalability researchers/developers People are studying the Schelling point, and they seem to have a general consensus that the "modular blockchain" design is the direction that Ethereum should strive for; on this basis, data sharding will be implemented in the future. ) To enhance these Rollups that require large amounts of data and give Rollups greater scalability. Although before the implementation of data sharing, there have been hybrid solutions, such as Validium and Volition, which cost a certain degree of security (because they put data off-chain) to achieve large-scale expansion.

What is the prospect of cloud mining ethereum 2021? In fact, not every use case based on Ethereum can achieve long-term success, but as an ecosystem, investors will understand over time which use cases are viable and which are fleeting.